Saturday, December 15, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh what fun it is!

December 1st marks the beginning of a very busy fun filled season for us!  I wanted to start it off in "style" with our North Pole Breakfast to welcome back our friendly house elf Toby.  It is also very important to me that Allie (and Lindy too)  know the true meaning of the season and grow up to know how imprortant it is to give to others and not have Christmas be all about presents or Santa. So we also started our "Advent" bags on the 1st as well... each day there is an activity for something for us to do- to spend time together as a family- or give to others who are less fortunate! 

Some examples of activities: Decorate ginger bread house, go ice skating, take food to the food pantry, cut out snow flakes, purchase a gift for an angle tree, bake christmas cookies-
you get the idea!
This picture was from Day 2- where we went to Grandmas house to decorate a gingerbread house!  This is such a fun tradition we have done for about the last 4 or so years-
 it wass really fun to include Allie this year!
 Here is my gingerbread house, I was going for a "castle" look-
it was harder than it looked on "Pinterest" !
Here is our "village".
We also decorated our Christmas tree!  This is my favorite tree so far! 
 I just love the way it turned out!
Day 4 was have your picture made with Santa! I think it turned out cute! Allie was NOT afraid of Santa at all this year!
This has to be our "picture of the year"!  I just love how cute her little imagination is!
Allie & her Prince Daddy dancing in the Kitchen. 
Lindy turned 8 months old a couple of days ago! She is still just the sweetest happiest baby I've ever seen!! (SO happy about that!)  BUT, I can't believe it is going so quickly!  I know all parents say that when talking about how fast it is going- but I really mean it!  I knew it went by fast with Allie- but I think it is going even FASTER with Lindy!! Its prob bc we are even more busy this time!  Lindy can sit up, reach for things roll back and forth etc- she is not quite crawling or pulling up on anything and I am A-OK with that!  I'm not sure how to "baby proof" with Allie around!! She is also eating like a champ! "Gravy Baby" is her nick name bc when I was pregnant I wanted gravy on everything- biscuits, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes- you get the idea- well she is living up to her name!  She eats EVERYTHING we give her!  (and doing great with table food too!)
Allie, Lindy & Baby Natalie (who is not really a baby anymore) went to the mall and got their pictures taken! Here is just a picture of them in their matching dresses! Such pretty little girls! :)
The Adventures of TOBY!
Look at what I made! My sister has had my embrodery machine on and off for the last year!  I got it back at Thanksgiving and learned how to do Applique!  I'm so excited- its like I got a new toy!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall fun

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I just love going to the pumpkin patch and getting great fall pictures. Here are a few of our favorites!!

This picture is so precious!  Its Lindy's little playgroup friends Halloween party!  Is there anything sweeter than babies in costume??  The Skeleton & Strawberry are only a few days older than Lindy!

Lindy & my CPK from when I was a little girl Marlena Menora??
Playdates are hard work!!
I think this may have been the only picture I got from this year's Halloween Party...  This was our 2nd year to have a little party- Lots of fun!

This is a cute picture of Lindy & cousin Natalie! Grandma was sweet enough to watch the 2 of us one day!  Super Grandma!! :)  I like how we are all dressed up for Halloween!

This year's trip to the pumpkin patch was so different from the last 2 years.  The last 2 years we went with a big group from Allie's Playgroup!  This year we went on the same day as the "school" and it was really just me & the girls... we still had a great time!
Feeding the Longhorn.
Sweet Sisters!!
Mommy & the Girls on the Hayride!
We had a LOT of fun with Lindy's costume this year! I got my inspiration from Pintrest- of course!
Allie wanted to be an "Ice Cream Cone" for Halloween this year.  This was the first year she had a "say" in her costume!  I had planned to make the costume- but then I found this one at Old Navy and it was "close enough".  Although everyone kept calling her a "cupcake"!!

Allie did a pretty good job trick-or-treating this year too!  We made it up and down our street!
A photo shoot! Karen got a Groupon and we all got together for some pictures! They turned out GREAT!!


Monday, August 27, 2012

A trip to the aquarium

This weekend we went to the Grapevine Aquarium... It was so much fun! (this is less than 45 mins from our house)  Here are a few pictures from our adventure! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hanging around the house...

Most days thur the summer we have been just hanging out around the house!  I'm still getting used to having 2 girls out and about and still working on getting Lindy on some sort of nap schedule... so we have spent most days at the house... here are some of our super cute pictures from our fun!
this is a 6 month outfit... its a little too small... :)
Allie is good at taking pictures of mommy & Lindy
Laundry day!!
Lindy & Cinderella
Rasta Baby!
Art time..
One of my Favorites!
Allie & her entourage!